Jack Burton

Yep - I can make numerous tank-top based characters.

Reign Man

Picking up where I left off a few years ago, finally comes another basketball player - Shawn Kemp! (seems I can only work with green based jerseys)


Dino Kade

Created this piece for my son, and decided it would make a lovely Facebook cover.


Freddy - for the ladies.

Clothing for little girls is awful -princess's and cupcakes and that's about it really.

I'd prefer to have something better. Ok, better might not be the right word since this is more than likely numerous times worse, but still...


TV 38

Obviously very New England specific, but I went and re-created the old TV38 logo (fine, I miss the Movie Loft). At one point I meant to print this on a shirt but here it is, months later and I am shirtless. Well, not literally shirtless, I don't want to scare the children...


Old Vs New

So, my goal was to have about a dozen players at this point from way back in the spring. Well, I made 3 more...which at this point I take as a victory.
So here we have the new 'Big Three' versus the original 'Big Three.' 


The Big Three

I'm surprised this didn't take me 3 years before I gave up only finishing half of McHale... 
This was fun tho - now I want to make more.