Kickball Logo

A logo I created for my work Kickball team. Yea, we're bad arse...

A new caricature

Does this make me vain? Dammit...
Anyways I liked the style and wanted to share it with all 2 of you who check out the site. Hi Lee...

Rhino...thing...I suppose

I know...he's breathtaking.




A chance to do the hump

I started sketching something that kinda looked like Humpty Hump, so I went with it. Back stories are awesome...


New for 1979!

My dad used to have an orange volkswagon bug. I remember it looking slightly like this. Except it didn't go this fast...and it had no backseat...but i digress.


Bappity boopity

My favorite of the Mario Bros - not including seldom seen older brother 'Phil.' Actually - that's not a bad idea. Draw a third Mario brother who never got any public attention and works as an accountant or something. Kind of like the third Manning brother. I don't think anything I wrote just makes sense, but regardless, I like Luigi.



Even evil fire spewing demon creatures do not enjoy mornings...

Brown Bear Childrens Center

This is the logo/mascot I created for Brown Bear Childrens Center in Hingham.

Brown Bear Reject

This is my favorite of the rejected bears...

Animal Fantastic

So, I have this side project where I do creative for Little Blue Suit Entertainment (Music for kids) anyways, this was one of the covers I designed (I also created all the characters). You can check it out here: http://www.animalfantastic.com/ I created the website as well.

-End self promotion-

Only 6 months between posts...

I'm still way ahead of my normal schedule. Anywho, here's a design I made for a T- Shirt of a Tiki spirit thing...when on a t-shirt looks as tho he is bursting from my stomach and trying to strangle me. I'm not sure what my reasoning was.