Before horses...

An old illustration, made all new and shiny with technology. SCIENCE!



Some little pixel sketch i did years ago I decided to update. Yea, I know it's nothing crazy, but it still pleases me. Also, since I did those texture tests, I've been adding the canvas look to most of my drawings. Makes it look like I drew it on watercolor paper, which is nice. Don't know how I truly feel about it yet. I mean, I like it but I don't know if it's a passing phase. Anywho, yea...sticks.


WhiteBoard Dino Riding

We have a whiteboard in our offices here at work. Once a week I've started doing a 'drawing of the week' and this was one of them. As more of them come, they get more and more bizzare. This is probably the most sane of them. I also picture that cartoon character from Jurassic Park saying dinosaur like 'dinosahwr' and it makes me happy.