A is for Axel

The alphabet continues with everyones favorite man who was surgically attached to giant tires by his father, Axel from Twisted Metal. If he really was a pluch character I figure they would sell him at carnival games next to posters of camaro's and square yellow plushes they call SpongeBob.


L is for Luigi

Ah Luigi...possibly my favorite video game character. I think cause when I too jump I flail my legs about all willy-nilly. Ok - I really just wanted to say Willy-nilly... Anyways, the second in my eventual video game alphabet of characters I enjoy.


B is for Blanka

So after working on the animal alphabet for the kids room, I decided I wanted to do a video game one. Characters all plushie-like. Anyways, here's Blanka. I'll be done sometime in the 2020's...



So with the baby coming I've been working on some room decor. So here's my alphabet - will be larger and not in one giant sheet when all's said and done. The only other difference is that a) stuff will be going in those bottom corners and b) the Monkey is now a mouse. Too much monkey in all baby stuff lately ;)

Also...I like the Yeti.


Bill Mays

I sketched this a while ago and thought - hey that looks like Billy Mays. Then he died (which was like 6 months ago)Posted now... this is the speed in which i roll .

Olympic Mushroom

...or something. All i know is I like his socks.


In Space, no one can hear you cuddle...

I have lost respect for myself with that headline. That said, i want an alien plush doll.


1.9.10 - Ugly thing in the rain

I wanted to capture all the meaning and symbolism of this sketch in the title. I think I captured it. Deep....


1.4.10 - Angry Bear

My attempt to start doing more quick sketching this year. This will not last...