Shiny Happy People

Did this for a now defunct project...but I like it, so I share it with you, my loyal followers. Hello? Loyal follower? Dang... Well I share it with you imaginary friend I call Burt.



More work on the alphabet - this tie I laid it out so I can see how much I'm missing...which is sadly more than I thought. I have slated this to be done in 2015 - just in time for flying cars.


More alphabetting

Now featuring Ratchet, Xavier Stone (Guitar Hero), Donkey Kong, and Goro. And that's about it for interesting things I can add... (only 15 more to go)


Video Game Alphabet continued...

I made up 3 of these guys before, but I decided to redo them with a more dynamic line. Also added two more... Ultimately I'm going for the whole bunch of them and print them in either a poster or book. Cause Kade needs to know ToeJam and Earl was a thing.

From Left to Right:

Axel (Twisted Metal) Blanka (Street Fighter) Inky (Pacman) Kratos (God of War) and Luigi (Halo)



Back in the day, Lee and I would always play wrestling video games and create our own characters. These are those characters. Eh, I dunno - I guess I was caught up in nostalgia.


Superhero's Part 2

Updated from the image a few posts before. I realized after doing the original one that it turned out very Justice League-esque so I had to even it out and make it more Avenger-ie. I am a great storyteller.



After (she claims) 17 years i finally made a picture for Shannon. If you don't know Shannon this will probably make no sense.

Friends of Will

A bit late in the posting - but last Christmas I created a photo card and a logo (seen over there to the right) for the Friends of Will Charity.

It's a charity that helps children with Relapsed Neuroblastoma - you should go and check it out. 


ElectricRex is now Live!

Ok...so admittedly it's still basically in Beta form with one product on it (the Monkeys book mentioned below) but still - Go check it out!

Visit ElectricRex

The point of the site is I want to have a hub where people who do self publishing can advertise their stuff. I figure if someone can get their audience to look at their product on the site, they will also see other peoples products and we all win...well, in theory. If you have something you self published, or know someone you do, let me know and I can fill you in with the details. Just send an email to rex@electricrex.com


Monkeys in the Fridge now Available!

Five or so years ago my aunt wrote two books that I illustrated. We had a publisher who subsequently stopped being a publisher (which was awesome). After years of these books just sitting on a hard drive, I decided to go the self publishing route. This is the first of the two books - Monkeys in the Fridge. You can find the book on Amazon:

Click here to check it out

There are some images posted there as well.


El Scariachi - 2011

An update on an old sketch - its on this site way back at the beginning. Anywho - my style has evolved so i figured why not update him. Available on a shirt soon....ish.


So - this is a new idea for a story I will eventually do. So look for that sometime in early 2044. Hopefully i get it out before the cloned super intelligent dinosaurs and man-sharks join forces to destroy the humans...