Illustrated Images Part V

Poor Spoonie, he's left all alone...

Textured Images Part IV

Being Lost on the moon can be mildy irritating...

Textured Images Part III

I call him Grumble. He likes pie.

Textured Images Part II

This is if a germ overtook the city.

Textured Series Part I

The next few images are part of a series. This is my quasi-mascot named Devil Boy. I know, I wasn't feeling very creative with names that day.

Stay Classy San Diego

You know I don't speak spanish...

My first image post is a Pimp?

Yea...is this a good omen or a bad one? Anyways, Here's the start of a few images I will post today, mostly just to not start with nothing. Then, onto the lack of posting, hizzah!

Frappeboy Lives again...sorta

So here's the deal: My old site was all flashy and fun, but I realized I would never update it because it wasn't really setup for that and it was a pain in the arse. Also, wanting to get in the habit of drawing more, I needed some reason, so the new Frappeboy was born. Just a place to put all the quick images (or maybe a few not so quick images). Hopefully this will get updated more than once every year :).