Groovi to the rescue

Just realized after I made Groovi that he had the same color scheme as the Greatest American Hero, and I'm quite alright with that. Believe it or not, I'm walking on air...

I dunno...

...what this is. But I like it. I will name him Blocky and he will be my new friend. Or enemy. Eh, we'll figure something out.


Cheshire Non-Cat

Or something to that effect. I dunno what I was actually doing with this, but I thought he would look better with really bright pieces while the rest of him hides in shadow. Uhhh...yea. I don't know how I really feel about this yet.


Cupid is kind of creepy

Yes he is...yes he is.
Well, I have now uploaded 5 pictures in 2 days. Going by my rate, I will post something new in two years. Happy 2009 everybody.


I know, you want to know how i can come up with such exquisite, unique titles. All I can say it's a gift. A gift that I cannot give to you even if it is your birthday.

So, as you can also see this week I'm all about random squiggles and the such for backgrounds. Dunno...I'm taking something for it, so it should clear up in a few days.

Flamingo Cocktail Party

And why not...
(Don't worry, someone will show up soon...probably.)



Yep, it's leo. Go ahead, gaze at him, he enjoys it.

I am a terrible updater

Hey only two and a half months, where does the time go? Or rather, why am I so lazy? I blame television...or something. Anywho, this latest drawing is modeled after those punching bag things little kids play with. The ones with the sand in the bottom that you punch and it bobs around then comes back at you. Except this one is weighed down by your fears. And if you punch it, it comes back and tries to eat your face. No, wait - thats not this at all. Or is it?...
Hopefully one day I will make a full illustration with him.


El Scariachi

This is Juallo, the scariachi. ( A scary mariachi) my official spokesman for the Day of the Dead. Yes, I know it's in November and this is March. I just like to be prepared


Quiet...I think it wants my soul.

I call this guy Drippy. He has no eyelids, but if he did, he would still look like this. He just really enjoys staring...into your soul.

Watch where you step

Here is a small bird...
There's really not much to say. I think it's trying to look at it's own forehead.



So this is Globby. I guess he likes to eat people...or guard skulls. Either way, when he does it, he does it adorably.


Before horses...

An old illustration, made all new and shiny with technology. SCIENCE!



Some little pixel sketch i did years ago I decided to update. Yea, I know it's nothing crazy, but it still pleases me. Also, since I did those texture tests, I've been adding the canvas look to most of my drawings. Makes it look like I drew it on watercolor paper, which is nice. Don't know how I truly feel about it yet. I mean, I like it but I don't know if it's a passing phase. Anywho, yea...sticks.


WhiteBoard Dino Riding

We have a whiteboard in our offices here at work. Once a week I've started doing a 'drawing of the week' and this was one of them. As more of them come, they get more and more bizzare. This is probably the most sane of them. I also picture that cartoon character from Jurassic Park saying dinosaur like 'dinosahwr' and it makes me happy.